In school I developed a lot of web-sites. I started with static HTML site. I read many about Search Engine Optimization(ranking, PR), advertising in Internet(banners, context, references, conversion, arbitration traffic, warez).

My first dynamic site was on PHP, on CMS DLE with max PR=3, this site was winner of school sites competition in 2009, after that I do a lot of other sites on DLE. My last experience with PHP was writing tutor-findning site with CodeIgniter.

In first year of study in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology I did simple search engine, It finds sentences in, all sources are opened.

My first working in team was working with guys who developed soft for automotization house. I write on Python some drivers for hardware devices also I worked with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. My small application for playing on piezo-buzzer in browser.

In summer 2012 I worked in Moscow Exchange, It was intership in testing department. I wrote functional tests on Python and developed function for Python wrapper of connection library and testing library.

In second year I interested in crypto currency and quantitative analysis. I wrote some paper about it (only in Russian, but with pictures :).

My last big project is site for creation contests, It’s on developing. It’s team developing and I lead of team, we use bitbucket(git, issues, wiki) and continuous integration( I developed back-end on Django, some frontend(jQuery, Amcharts) and full server side(DigitalOcean). We recieved money grant on developing this product.

I have finished cource on Coursera(Computational investing, part 1). I have familiar with Python Science tools: numPy, panda, sciPy. I always used iPython notebook for writing some paper work, for example random 3-SAT(on Russian) also I have science article “The rating for the multidimensional matrix estimates of several experts”

Last year I developed cloud system for allocation jupyter notebooks in university OpenStack, I have happy users, I am very proud of my work.

In programming I interested in developing of scalable, fault-tolerant systems, organization development process. My science interests is economics and machine learning. Bit I always open for new idea that matter.